Map Anita Dee

The boats are at DuSable Harbor on the south side of the Chicago River, just east of Lake Shore Dr. If using Google maps or a GPS the address would be “200 N Breakwater Access, Chicago, IL 60601”. Be sure to read directions because some GPS’s don’t recognize address. Listed below are directions for driving and drop off, and walking.

If Driving:
From Lakeshore Dr. coming from the north or south, you would take the Randolph St. exit. Coming from north you would turn left after exiting. Coming from the south you would take the ramp slightly left down to Dusable Harbor parking. Coming from the loop you would take lower Randolph St. east towards the lake. The Dusable Harbor Parking Lot is the last left before Randolph meets Lake Michigan (take driveway entrance DOWN to our lot, just to the left of the up ramp that leads to Wacker).

There are signs saying “Dusable Harbor Parking Lot Anita Dee Yacht Charters” at the entrance to the ramp down to the lot. Week day rates are $16 for 2-6 hours. ($10 for 0-2). Weekend rates are $20 for 2-6 hrs ($12 for 0-2). Once in the lot you will drive down towards the end and park. When you walk out of the lot our boats are just to the left on the River.

Dropped off:
If getting dropped off by taxi, you would take Randolph St. east and there is a turnaround at the foot of Randolph where it meets the lake. If dropped off at the turnaround you will walk down to the path along the lake, turn left and continue north towards the River and end at the boats. Taxis can also go inside to the end of the parking lot and drop off. If they are there for less than 15 mins there is no charge.

If walking from the loop you will take the steps down to the riverwalk on the south side of the Chicago River and walk east towards the lake ending at the Anita Dee boats.

Chicago’s Ultimate luxury Yacht. From the sleek outer-styling of the hull to the helicopter on the observation deck, this 140-foot long yacht can accommodate groups up to 400. The interior design is fashioned in art deco style with etched glass. The Anita Dee II has three levels, two that are enclosed and one that is outdoors. The salon level of the yacht features a grand piano and leather couches. The dining deck also offers an area for entertainment, as well as a spacious dance floor. The refreshing outdoor deck offers a spectacular view of Chicago’s skyline — a fabulous place to sip on a drink while watching the skyscrapers pass slowly by.


200 N Breakwater Access
Chicago, IL 60601